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Buying Traffic - Hits or Visitors?

We are saying that you have tons of ways the major online search engine PPC & Ad Companies 'cannot detect click/impression fraud' of course, if advertisers have no approach to reconcile numbers via IP addresses - they've already no recourse.

It is certain that we will for no reason see IPs from those major PPC's/Ad Networks - except a court order around this writing.

The PPC's yahoo & Ad Networks realize that if they disclose IP addresses to advertisers are going to be inundated with reconciliation statements or frivolous & alleged lawsuits of click fraud and overcharging at a minimum.

So in the end we see click/impression counts and what kind of money has been deducted from our accounts. When that money is usually depleted we upload some other. Something is really wrong bring back picture.

And just how do the major Search Algorithm PPC and Ad Networks improve with this?

1. They say it's an invasion within their 'users' privacy to provide their IP's to Marketers. How freaking convenient! How about adding a clause into the privacy policy page of the web site that says:

"We provide a record of the users IP addresses to our advertisers when any user from this web site clicks on some of our sponsor's ads. "

I am not an attorney but I do know that you can almost do anything if you happen to disclose it upfront first to everyone parties involved.

two. Secondly they say monitor ROI (return on investment) because that's what matters quite possibly the most. DUH as if we don't are aware that already.

This can be a diversion tactic. Of course major PPC's/Ad Networks do not want you to keep an eye on:

- IP's to ascertain real visitors

- Repeat clicks based on same IP's within round the clock (btw some PPC/Adnetworks price for repeat clicks within just 5 minutes intervals when decade ago acceptable time entire length intervals was to charge for just one IP per 24 hours..)

People predict that millions upon millions are now being lost and profited by PPC search engines like yahoo & Ad Networks as a consequence of overcharging to get repeat IP clicks.

- Inbound IP's from anonymous proxies used to hide identities and shell out fraud.

- Blacklisted IP's & Domains.

... to mention a few.

I just spoke with one of my colleagues that have known for over 10 years and is well-respected through the entire net. When I show him my concerns this individual immediately responded.

"It's a Racket! "

- Which basically sums up this entire article inside our opinion?

- It's time for the change.

- It's time to see unfair terms and conditions grandfathered-in from the major search engine PPC's and Ad Networks which were extremely one-sided and intended to create a Cash-Cow opportunity for on their own and their investors.

If you have ever been to Las Vegas you already know that the "house usually wins". It's not a wonder that major advertisers moved over to CPA business models some time past. But as you may possibly expect the CPA industry is now being powered by PPC biz models and that brings us back to "The Racket. "

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